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Re: The STAR TREK Movies, As Ranked By STAR TREK Con-Goers

PIKER wrote: View Post
One example: it's perfectly logical to expect that in the future any massive vessels would be constructed in space. A movie made in the 70's respected its audience enough to incorporate this concept. So I was absolutely flabbergasted that a 21st-century Trek movie would show the Enterprise being constructed amidst the cornfields of Iowa! Ugh!!!
If the SDF-1 can be constructed (in this case, refurbished) on the ground and then lift off, so can the Enterprise and other Starfleet vessels. Big fracking deal.

serenitytrek1 wrote: View Post
Oh yes, Galaxy Quest.

The one movie (which, although I love it) makes Star Trek fans out to be massive fools and idiots who live in their parent's basements (never mind that most of the fandom has aged considerably and is now in their 60s at the most, the youngest of them now in their mid-40s like me). The movie that's basically a satire of Star Trek and is based on Star Trek, but is not Star Trek (at least for the purposes of this survey, it shouldn't be!) All because they don't like Abrams, Orci, Kurtzman and Lindehof. All because they have to be obdurate trolls stuck in the founding moment of Star Trek or whatever past moment's best for them. These people-these obnoxious Trekkies-are the ones deciding what's best for the rest of us?

This is the same thing I was talking about to somebody else in another post this morning; he and these people speaking for me and the rest of us about the new movie. And the top best of the list is Galaxy Quest?

Again, I will say this, as loud as I can-STOP SPEAKING FOR ME AND THE REST OF US AS FANS.

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