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Re: Breaking Bad Final Half Season

^^^ Sadly, I hear this a lot about Albuque. Slightly OT, I visited there 23 years ago and it was a really nice town. Not many people, not much traffic (and really nice old classic cars and antiques, preserved in the desert dryness), great food and everyone seemed to be pretty friendly. Then, I guess some big Motorola plant went in, followed by a pretty respectable population boom and, with it, a larger frequency of crime, plus its location along a major north/south Mexican mule corridor really turned it to shit. A shame, I really liked that place. Hopefully Santa Fe fared better than Alba did.

Getting back on topic, I always amused by Skylar's admission to Walt that she was "waiting for the cancer to come back". She has also been seen chain-smoking up a storm in damn near every episode now and I got the impression that she was trying to "hurry" him back down that path through her second-hand smoke. Being an ex-smoker myself, it was one of the first things I noticed.
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