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Re: When did the perception of Insurrection change?

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Considering that ship VFX have not exactly improved in 15 years (the CG has, but the look of a well-executed miniature is rarely exceeded by originating full-on CG for vessels -- EVENT HORIZON and SPACE COWBOYS and STARSHIP TROOPERS certainly haven't been bettered, though I imagine GRAVITY's masterful CG VFX will redefine what quality means in a way not done since Kubrick), I don't think the reception should have been significantly different.

More about the budget and the quantity, since folks seem to need 10 times as many shots to avoid being restless (look at the TOS films and outside of TMP they are relatively low VFX shotloads ... TUC is around 100 or 130 as I recall.) But from LOST IN SPACE (something like 800 vfx shots) onward, quantity has been trumping quality in a big way.

Sometimes I think anybody doing a space movie needs to look at CORBOMITE MANEUVER and see that you don't need to be cutting outside every four seconds (in fact, you'd often be better limiting your exterior visuals to viewscreen stuff to maintain the mood of the live-action.)
The trick is finding the right balance between too few shots and too many shots. They biggest part of any TV episode/film is the script, if you have a great script. The audiance can be slighly more willing to forgive some bad FX's. The best FX in the world however cannot overcome a lacklustre script.
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