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Re: JD's Comic Book Thread

Dynamite Comics
The Owl #2- found this issue to be a step up. The conflict with the granddaughter of his old flame who's taken up the mantle of Owl Girl does things by a slightly more Punisher methodology than he's accustomed to. That led to some drama + the subtle idea that Owl Girl might be interested beyond a crime fighting partnership. The Owl/Nick would not find that palatable I'd wager. Still, the gang turf war is heating up and a pro hit on Owl Girl has been made, can the Owl's patch things up and fight them together.....

Lady Rawhide #1 - Never read the original from Topps back in the 90's so came into this clean. Felt like the issue was juggling two intro stories at once. Issue starts and Rawhide has been doing her thing for awhile so it's not an origin issue. It also introduces a band of women outlaws, Sisters of the White Rose, who might just have been inspired by Lady Rawhide but that's unclear. I found it overall to be fairly solid, I'd go 3.5 out of 5 stars. I also found myself curious about where Zorro might be, if he's still around at all. I'd wager that's something they are holding out for.

IMAGE Comics
Lazarus #2 - this dystopian saga from Greg Rucka continues and I find myself more engrossed after two issues than I have on Fraction's East of West. The fraternal twins of House Carlyle are clearly plotting to take over the family. Forever aka Eve, the family Lazarus is starting to have conflicting morality issues with her task as the Family enforcer. They have't out right said it but I think she is a type of clone or synthetic person whose consciousness has been manipulated and her "programming" is crumbling. Meanwhile a rival Family in their zone is feeling the disarray and begun attacking outlying farms. They must be dealt with, will Eve do as the Family expects her?

I do have East of West #5 still to read, my drop it after this opening arc though. May or may not comment on it.
Also have X #4 from Dark Horse in the to be read pile.

Archer & Armstrong #12 - solid
Harbinger #15 - a death???

Anyone try Gail Simone's Red Sonja from last month? I passed but have heard good things elsewhere.
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