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Re: Nicolas Cage's Career hits a new low.

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Nicolas Cage's career choices vary as wildly as does his hairline in his movies. I don't understand how he can make such great movies as Raising Arizona, mediocre movies like Knowing, to plain awful garbage like Ghost Rider. He obviously loves getting a paycheck (who doesn't?) but you'd think he'd be a LITTLE more picky with his roles.
Last I heard, he was bankrupt last year and owed several million--like 13 or 14--to the IRS-- in addition to the alimony of two ex-wives and a few very large lawsuits aimed at him, thanks to his taking out loans on his 15 separate homes that he has yet to pay back. In the last few years, he's blown through 150 million dollars and is pretty much broke.

The dude's in serious financial hot water and I guess he just takes the first paycheck that comes along, however awful the film might be. He probably only looks at how much he'll get paid, not how bad the script is.
I heard that was due to his accountant running off with all his money and not paying the IRS. Left Nic holding the bill so he made arrangements to pay off the IRS by taking any role thrown his way.
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