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Re: Marvel Now/ReEvolution Ongoing Discussion (Spoilers)

I'm probably the only one trade waiting the Infinity event here.

Fearless Defenders #8 - The reveal of what they did with Annabelle and Valkyrie is used to more effect this issue. I was hoping for some minor explanation as to the costume change for Valkyrie. I like the new look, I just also like a mention of it. This issue/arc is going to feature Elsa Bloodstone as our Defenders are now mixed up with monsters, Elsa's speciality. The art continues to be strong and the pacing of each issue has suited me.
What I'd prefer is that Dani and/or Warrior Woman come back on to the title. It seems obvious now they weren't intended to be regulars in the book, just plot devices tied to the Doom Maiden opening arc. Just as Elsa is tied to this "monsters" arc. I tend to think of a team book, such as Defenders is traditionally done, as being a group of at least 4 or more regulars. The book is currently reading to me more like Heroes for Hire, which would be fine but HfH to me indicates lack of long term interaction, interpersonal and relationship building cause characters are going to ebb&flow. Defenders is a team book where the characters tend to have more of the interpersonal.
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