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Re: Do fans want the prime timeline back?

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I don't consider the current movie series to be anything more than glorified crap, and it's my right to have that opinion. You have the right to your opinion, and isn't it wonderful that neither of us will be carted off to prison or executed for daring to voice our opinions?!
It's also my right to say that you and others like you don't speak for me when you attack the new movies, and I just exercised that right a while ago-nothing more, and nothing less. All I've been getting recently is that 'many fans hate the new movies' when in fact, it's not true, and many fans actually accept it just like the last one. A few fans at a convention or online at a web site saying that they hate it isn't 'everybody' at all, just those few fans. As for what you said about reading novels and fan fiction, great-please stick to that, and don't watch the movies in future, at all.
Damn, you're bossy.

Did I EVER claim to speak for you? No, not even once. The only person I claim to speak for is ME. It's MY opinion that I hate the Abramsverse crap. I wasn't at this convention, didn't vote, and have no idea what it was about. In fact, I've only ever been to one fan event in the US - in the late '80s, when I met Sylvester McCoy at a Doctor Who event at the PBS TV station in Spokane, Washington. So kindly do not tar me with whatever animosity you hold for the people at this other event. And taunting me with "your version of Trek will never be on TV or in the movies again, neener-neener-neener!" is just childish.
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