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Re: Season FOUR OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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...and Duras (Yeah it was an act of vengeance but it was still murder).
Not murder, that is how Klingons handle their business. That's why they have the "Right of Vengeance" to begin with.

I think the above shows my biggest problem with TNG, especially in comparison to TOS. In TOS, it seemed like humans were out in the galaxy to explore and learn and many times learning things about themselves that didn't look very good when they stepped back and examined their attitudes and actions. In TNG, it seemed like the humans were out in the wilderness to teach the natives about truth, justice and the Federation way.
That is a great point. I felt that way as well. TNG they always seemed to be within Federation space, going from planet to planet. They didn't seem to be "exploring strange new worlds" all the time. The Enterprise D never felt like it was out on its own, like the Enterprise in TOS. Even when they were at a starbase it felt like they were out at some frontier fort not a built up space dock.

The other aspect I thought used to drown stories was the tech the tech talk as RDM used to say. It could just suck the drama out of a story. They were pulling particles out of their

I think that is one reason why I like DS9 more and more. It went back to more of a TOS attitude.

Picard has made some very bad calls - not infecting the borg in "I borg", airing Starfleet's dirty laundry to the Romulans in Pegasus.

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