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Re: Heidi Klum: Babe of the Week #34 (Aug. 2013)

Gov Kodos wrote: View Post
Thumbs up as long as she doesn't talk. Her pronunciation drifts through so many accents it is grating to listen to her talk for very long.
I don't hear a multitude of accents when she talks -- just a vaguely European inflection.

I like models. Tall, gorgeous, blonde models. With legs that extend into overtime. Thumbs up.

Yoda wrote: View Post
She's not quite what she used to be, but I still have to cough up a Thumbs Up, albeit grudgingly.
"Not quite what she used to be" because she's 40? Bollocks. Hell, that other German supermodel is older than Heidi and still hot.

BTW, what's the difference between a supermodel and a topmodel? Does one outrank the other?
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