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He'd been learning under Scotty for a few months according to the dialogue, IIRC. That made him best for knowing the Enterprise's heavily modified engine configuration, which Scotty mentions to Keenser in the club in San Francisco.
So what's the rest of the Engineering staff been doing? Hiding out in the staff room playing cards and drinking coffee whilst Scotty, Keenser and occassionally Chekov do all the work?

I get that it's a cheap cop out, rather than pay an extra to say lines give it to one of the "main" characters, but still seems very impractical, as it then leaves the ship without its whizkid Navigator, so an extra has to be drafted in to cover that post.
But Chekov covered for Spock in TOS, despite not being part of the science divison. What were Spock's blueshirts doing then? Or in TAS when Arex covered when Spock was away?

...or even TNG, when helmsman LaForge was suddenly the best man to take over engineering in season two? Were Argyle's people really that useless?
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