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Re: Starting Breaking Bad (NO SPOILERS!)

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I like these kind of morally ambiguous shows, but it's important for me that the "hero" does horrible things for a noble reason.
But is Walt truly noble? I could see someone making the case that his decision to cook meth in the first episode came from a good place, but in the fifth episode Walt was effectively offered free money to fix all his problems and turned it down. He let pride get in the way of providing for his family and returned to a career that had already caused him to kill two people. I could certainly still sympathise with him after that point, but can his reasoning still be considered noble?

It will be interesting to see how you feel about the characters come season 5. I ended up disliking some of the characters I liked in the beginning, and ended up liking some of those I disliked. That's one of the show's great strengths, I feel.
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