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Re: BABYLON 5 - First time watching series

Episode 6: Mind War
A rogue telepath with powerful abilities arrive on the station, and two PSI Cops are after him.

Great episode. This episode really expands the universe of Babylon 5, when learn about the Psi Corps and Psi-Cops. They seem to be a shadowy part of the government like Section 31 from DS9, and not nice people at all. The fugitive telepath Jason is on the run and we find out from him about the "experiments" about creating weaponized telepaths and perhaps the Psi Corps taking over the Earth government, which I'm assuming is completely true and will be followed on in future episodes. Some of Talia's background is covered along with her connection with Jason.

Babylon 5 is already doing a MUCH better job with its telepaths than Trek ever did with its barely developed Betazoid race and Troi. I like how the telepath are used more as weapons and tools, instead of being on the bridge and always telling the commander how distrustful the alien of the week is. They also have their own "rules".

I love how Talia is so professional and doesn't need to wear stupid catsuits to look sexy. I have say all the coin moving reminded me of "Looper" which I watched recently!

Also special guest star, Walter Koenig! Nice seeing him again. Were Trek fans upset about him being on a rival Sci Fi franchise at the same time as the later Trek shows were on?

Episode 7: The War Prayer
A racist group is terrorizing aliens on Babylon 5.

The moment Susan's former boyfriend appeared, I already pegged him as a member of the racist humans. My villain radar went off so fast it wasn't funny. It was strange seeing racist humans, since I've been so used to the humans of Trek.

The "plot" to eliminate all the major alien leaders didn't appear be thought out very well. Killing all four major ambassadors on the station, and everywhere else on Earth seems too large scale. Way too many things could have gone wrong.

It was nice to finally get confirmation about all the major alien representatives on the station though: G'Kar, Londo, Delenn, and wild card Kosh? Kosh's armor/suit looks awesome, and it is great how secretive they are making the Vorlon race right now.

There were a couple of lines referring to "the incident" involving Kosh being poisoned through the hand in the past. I'm assuming this event was covered in "The Gathering"?

The B plot about the two Centauri teens running away together to get away from an arranged marriage was pretty meh, but I guess it was connected well enough to the A plot. I guess it was also there to show that Londo is a decent guy since he helped them.

Episode 8: And the Sky Full of Stars
Sinclair is kidnapped and forced to relive painful memories that he had thought he had lost.

BIG MYTHOLOGY EPISODE?! I'm assuming this episode will become huge in the near future.

The plot to kidnap Sinclair and the VR interrogation was by the numbers, even reusing sets from station (reminded me of the Bashir running around in an empty DS9 station in his head episode).

What REALLY interested me was the memories he had apparently forgotten near the end of the war. Apparently the Minbari (I just now realize it was Delenn's race) was going to destroy Earth in a war, except when they finally surrender for no reason. The scene with him surrounded by the cloak figures was pretty creepy. Sinclair looks to have been involved somehow.

I'm very surprised we haven't seeing more hostility/resentment between the humans and Minbari after that kind of war. You just can't expect people to let that go even after 10 years.

The episode ends on an ominous note with a Minbari stranger appearing in Delenn's quarters telling Delenn that she must kill Sinclair if he ever remembers the truth. My theory is that the Minbari were interrupted from destroying Earth by a more powerful race. I don't know why something like that would need to be kept a secret though.

Episode 9: Deathwalker
A war criminal is discovered on the station, who may have the means to create an immortality drug.

Okay episode, after the previous three good episodes. The "dilemma" never worked for me. I always thought the Deathwalker should be punished for her crimes of genocide, especially since she was so damn smug about it. The immortally drug felt too good to every work or last, the trope/cliche about the Fountain of Youth never being being found or be allowed to be kept around was present here (it was what doomed Star Trek: Insurrection), so I was so expecting the Deathwalker to get shanked before the episode ended.

Kosh saves this episode at the end by ordering one of his ships to blow the criminal up, and shrugs at the silly aliens around him. He should have done that the moment they discovered who she was!

Episode 10: Believers
An alien couple wants to allow their son to die instead of getting a life saving surgery from Dr. Franklin.

A good filler episode. As a doctor, Franklin obviously wants to save the boy. The entire argument is about whether the boy should be saved or allowed to die because of the parents' religion. Each side had a point.

The B plot with Susan saving the families felt a bit like a time waster, and only there to end the episode on a more positive note.
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