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Re: Season FOUR OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

Thoughts on Redemption: I broke down and bought the Redemption single disc release. I always felt part two was weaker than part one...and it still is, but I enjoyed the two-parter so much I watched it twice, plus a third time just for the commentary. Somehow, the episode's weak point: The sela arc, doesn't seem quite so glaring anymore. It all really makes sense, even though it's convoluted. What is still a problem is the Romulan withdrawal after Data's detection of the convoy...Starfleet already knew the Roms were there, it was just a question of where, so I don't see why Sela didn't retry somewhere else, after all placing a puppet ruler in the Klingon Empire is no small potatoes. Obviously such a plot would have meant a part three, and STNG was not doing such things back then.

Some fav moments. The Data arc is strong, not just with AI rights, but with any kind of bias, and there are also some command/political questions...the ends justifying the means and so on.

Enjoyed the Federation fleet, but woefully small scale. Still, I recall it gave me a thrill when it came out.

The Klingon civil war was a great arc. I enjoyed the machinations and characters.

Klingon ship action everywhere! Matte paintings on fire!

Not so fav moments: Tachyon grid? In space? It was small enough to chart on a viewscreen so the Roms could have gone right around it.

Romulan shoulder pads. Almost too big to fly around...

Worf captured by two Klingons in about 20 seconds. What the Hell was he drinking?

Sela, the best military tactician since...Saddam Hussein? Awful planning.

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