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Re: Gene Roddenberry's Daughters

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So she got greedy and lost out on everything. Can't say I feel bad for her.
I don't think so. It's more likely that Majel set a trap. Majel got Gene to forestall Dawn's inheritance until after Majel died, and to cut Dawn out if she contested the will.

And the estate went into a trust, a newly-created legal entity with ownership powers as if it were a person, and that can make the terms and conditions private or at least well-obscured.

Dawn probably had no way of knowing the terms of the will. So when Gene died, all Dawn could see was that nothing was coming her way. This lured her into contesting the will, and Majel's trap was sprung. Dawn got disinherited-- something Majel could never have talked Gene into doing directly.

Majel, knowing the terms and conditions that Dawn did not, may have taunted Dawn into contesting the will.

I think it stinks on ice.
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