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Re: Last Classic Who Story you watched

Watched Vengeance on Varos this lunchtime. An awesome serial! One of my favourite C. Baker serial now!!!

Latley I've been watching a lot of old Who serials (Vengeance on Varos today, Resurrection of the Daleks yesterday, Remembrance of the Daleks the day before, and Survival two days earlier) all of which have been so much better than I thought. (I also watched School Reunion at some point) These old episodes from the 1980s are marginally better than Moffat who and about the same level as RTD who at its best.

Even the classic series at tie could be quite dark and more graphic than I remember (which I love), but now on moffat Who, not really and dark moments, no one even dies anymore, not so much as a crazed knee now. And the Moffat series is too humorous and light-hearted. Moffat is ruining Doctor Who, why don't the BBC bloody fire him and bring Doctor Who back to its former glory. Plus he's fucked up so much since he's been in. He's turned the Silurian's from monsters to hot lesbian reptilian women (the whole concept of Silurian's to begin with was that they didn't remotely have a human face), made the Daleks into a colourful array of Homebase toilets, then regreted it and darkened them up which was an improvement but then bought back the RTD daleks that the new daleks destroyed in Victory of the Daleks. Plastic Cybermen now so powerful, they will be impossible to write for well, and made the Sontarans and Silurians the doctor's BFFs.
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