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Re: Nicolas Cage's Career hits a new low.

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Weird, I've never heard of this before. I just looked up Left Behind, i'm amazed that such a moronic concept has such wide appeal.
The Left Behind book series had/has a HUGE following... Even among less-than-evangelical Christians... While certainly not top shelf reading, they are "page turners" and are good for passing the time... I got to about volume 6 before I lost interest...

They are really no different than your average Clive Cussler/Dan Brown thriller/murder/mystery novel.. They just appeal to the ultra-Christians (of which I am not) because they are based on Revelations.

The original movies made of this series are BAD BAD BAD... Kirk Cameron's baby... LOW production values and ham-handed acting at best...

Given a decent sized budget, These might give ol' Nic a career boost...

I'm assuming you find all end of the world, apocalyptic, "we're all gonna die" type literary concepts moronic?
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