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It was in Yesterday's Enteprrise. So were the bridges of the Enterprise-C, the Hathaway and the Stargazer. USS Voyager is the most dramatic by far; the upper level is a good three feet higher than the lower level and Tom's helm station is basically a hole in the ground. And though it's not a starship, the DS9 Ops deck actually made this concept explicit, placing the commander's office high above the rest of the floor "so subordinates have to look up with respect."
I'd also say the bridge of the original Enterprise had two levels.
I think what the other poster was I think saying that none of them were two-level (as in 2 storey) ... a split-level bridge (which almost all of them are, if they weren't they'd look like they were filmed in a garage, like the SEARCHER from 2ndseason BUCK ROGERS) is a whole other kettle of fish. Believe me, I lived in a few of homes growing up and they ALL had split-levels for the living room, and NONE of them were two-storey.

Probert originally designed the TNG bridge as being a genuine 2 storey (like 1st season MoonbaseAlfalfa on 1999)
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