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Re: Doctor Who from the start (by a n00b)

Ah right. Really, I think Moffat's fucked up the Dales, almost if not beyond redemption. In Victory, he made them into the teletubby's personal toilets, and in Asylum, he magically bought back Skaro without any explanation, and also randomly gave us the Dalek Asylum. The concept of an asylum for daleks had more potential than most doctor who things, but 45 minutes was nowhere near long enough to fully explore it. All we got for 45 minutes was just rusty RTD daleks, Amy and Rory going through marriage issues, Clara Oswald being built up for series 7.2, and the doctor not taking the daleks seriously like 9, 10 or pretty much any other incarnation would have done. At the end of it, he just flew away from the daleks and pretty much for his entire incarnation let them get away with doing stuff, something which any other 10 incarnations of the doctor would have laid down the lives to sort out.

As soon as Moffat finally fucks off into a hole in the ground after series 8, maybe we can actually sort out the daleks again, and get rid of cybermen which look like plastic and are so powerful, it's pretty much impossible to write a decent episode for them.
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