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I won't miss Jessie, mainly because she was such a non-entity until her last 72 hours in the house.

I know I've said alot about Andy being a stereotype, but he is playing the kind of game I would be playing: have both sides consider you a friend and pick a neutral target. The only thing I would do is try and stoke the fire between the two sides a little more.

It'll be interesting to see who Aaryn decides to put up. Does she put all her chips in with the 3am alliance (don't these people realize a named alliance used spells doom for it's members) and put up Helen and Elissa (I am rooting for this) or does she play it safe and put up Gina Marie and the perma-pawn Spencer. In my opinion, she'd be smart to get Helen and Elissa out and then take the rest of the house on a crusade to break up McCrae and Amanda. By removing those threats, well Helen is a threat, Elissa and Aaryn just don't get along, she'll still have Spencer, Andy, Gina Marie, and possibly the Revive-A-Hamster to make a run at the power couple.

Speaking of Revive-A-Hamster, I hate it and always have. You may love a houseguest that's been evicted, but they have been bested and eliminated. It's a speedbump that throws off the game because the HOH is almost obiligated to put that person up and eliminate them again. But since we are going to be forced to watch this, at least bring Judd back. I couldn't stand Candice and Jessie was meh. I think the only reason this isn't America's vote is because they know it will be unamious for Judd to return.

And my newest prediction: Aaryn will make it to the final two.
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