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Re: Oberth Class the missing link between Enterprise and Reliant

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But I, too, cannot possibly imagine a Deadalus Class starship like the Horizon to be capable landing on a planet as the vessel or parts of it would buckle under their own weight much like a stranded whale, neither can I imagine they had magic technology (like they apparently had for Voyager) at this point in time in the in-universe history.
I'm with Timo here, in that it most certainly could be designed to withstand the stresses of being in a 1G field, even with today's technology. My only problem with having ships like this and Voyager land is not an issue with the ship itself, but where they land. Putting that much weight into just a few relatively small legs requires a very sturdy area to land on. Large aircraft can't land at just any airport for this same reason, in that not all runways are built to withstand them. (I can just imagine that first time we saw Voyager land, but with the forward legs sinking into the ground up to the hull! )
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I rest my case.
Still not buying that the Oberth can separate.
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