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Re: Print-on-demand retrospective TOS book forthcoming

Daddy Todd wrote: View Post
OK, now THIS is interesting. There's a list of story assignments made during Season One. It includes a number that were abandoned and never produced (at least, not under the given name).

So, in some alternate universe, TOS Season One included:
Warrior's World by Stephen Kandel
The Machine That Went Too Far by A.E. van Vogt
Chicago II by George Clayton Johnson (an early attempt at A Piece of the Action?)
Alien Spirit by Norman Katkov
Untitled by Jack Guss (I'm willing to bet that wouldn't have been the final title)
Journey to Reolite by Alfred Brenner
Rites of Fertility by Robert Sheckley
From The First Day To The Last by John D.F. Black
Sisters in Space by Robert Sheckley
Portrait in Black and White by Barry Trivers
Rock-a-Bye Baby or Die! by George Clayton Johnson
The Squaw by Shimon Wincelberg
Accident of Love by Allen Balter & William Woodfield
Dreadnaught by Alf Harris & Jeeli Jacobs
World of Warriors/Tomorrow the Universe by Paul Schneider(another attempt at Kandel's earlier Warrior's World?)

I wish they'd made some of these.

Rock-a-bye Baby or Die

Christopher wrote: View Post
Interesting that The Laertian Gamble wasn't Robert Sheckley's first brush with Trek. It was great the way TOS recruited big-name prose SF authors to write episodes. I wonder why hardly anyone ever does that anymore. I guess because TV shows these days are generally so staff-driven. And it does sometimes happen to some degree; Stargate Universe had John Scalzi as its science consultant, though I don't think he ever wrote an episode.
I wish they did
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