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Re: When did the perception of Insurrection change?

I love television shows and I love movies, and I love movies that pick up where television shows left off, but I also have different expectations of movies than I do of television shows.

The TOS movies, even the ones I'm not especially fond of, do, to my mind, a very good job of raising the stakes for Our Heroes, or at least of feeling like they do. Plus you've got TWOK-TVH as essentially one story carried through three of the films.

By contrast, the TNG movies all exist in relative isolation to one another, and INS in particular doesn't, to my mind, do a great job of raising the stakes, especially not after FC. I guess one head-scratcher is that they could have continued with Data's emotional development through the films if nothing else, but if anything they seemed to devolve that as the films continued. I kept hoping there'd be more of a sense of continuity between the films.

As a DS9 fan, it also really began to wear on me that the TNG films seemed almost to make a point of avoiding what was going on in that series.

I wonder whether INS would have been received better as the immediate sequel to GEN.

I also wonder about how much the TNG movies suffer because they don't benefit from a massive improvement in VFX technology the way the TOS movies do relative to their respective series. If we'd waited a decade (or more) after TNG before the movies started, would that have made a difference in how they were received?
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