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Re: Star Trek: The Lost Generation

Star Trek: The Lost Generation

Episode #1 The Golgotha

Chapter #2 Trepidation

An hour had passed since the revelation of her family's secrets as she was still being consoled by the Rikers. A meal was replicated for her, but she had eaten very little. Even Deanna's favorite choice of chocolate dessert seemed too little to alleviate Lee Ann's sorrow. For the most part, the Rikers permitted silence to be given to Lee Ann to voice her anger and her grief, but her Vulcan upbringing was coming more and more to the surface as her tears dried away. Deanna decided to ease the tension in the room by asking personal questions about her goddaughter. "Lee Ann, " Deanna began, "is there a reason for suppressing your Betazoid heritage?"

Lee Ann stopped thinking about Godfrey and Lydia, and came into focussed in response to Deanna's question. She took a moment to gather her thoughts on the subject in deciding how to answer that question, and then she sighed and began, "You do know that it is a customary practise for humanoids to "hit on" Betazoids for being "warm" and "sensual"?"

Deanna acknowledged that with a small laugh and said ,"Yes...?"

Lee Ann would have thought that would be explanation enough as she allowed time and silence to let her question, which was given as an answer, to sink in. Apparently, more was needed as Deanna awaited patiently for her to explain. "It is insulting to Vulcans..." she stated flatly.

"But you have never purged your emotions," Deanna shared why she had found that answer as unacceptable, "I can sense more emotions coming from you even under the surface than I would sense from a normal Vulcan." Lee Ann looked up from her plate and gave Deanna one of her raised eyebrow look of disapproval over the use of the word "normal". Deanna recovered, "I simply meant for a person such as yourself from mixed family heritages, you do not seem to shun emotions."

"I shun displaying them in public," Lee Ann explained, "as you humans do when it is necessary to ward off nonpreferable suitors."

"You seem to be doing it all the time in public," Deanna shared her observation, "even now, you are putting on a display of Vulcan veneer."

"To you, it is a thin veil covering my emotions, but to nonempathic aliens, I am Vulcan," Lee Ann pointed out.

"I see," Deanna accepted her explanation somewhat, "are you being pursued by unpreferable suitors right now?"

Lee Ann took in a deep breath and sighed. Then she answered, "Without naming anyone in particular, all the time," she went on to share, "I find it telltaling for these humanoid species that they are motivated by the eye. They look upon women like some dream they wish to embrace and then when they do, they wake up," she paused a moment, "why any woman submit to something that should only be shared in marriage is beyond me."

"Well..." Will interjected,"that is all part of building social skills in finding your true mate."

Deanna put in,"It is normal for anyone to share intimate moments before they find the one they wish to consumate with for the rest of their lives."

Lee Ann shook her head in firm disagreement and began "I have heard these conversations from these "break ups" that usually occur after these one night stands from my shipmates. Whenever the woman or the man desires to marry their lover, the other would reply in reference to their one night stand that it doesn't mean anything," Lee Ann reported, "and I find it hypocritical when these men sets their sights on me for a one night stand that they would take my refusal as an insult. How can it be an insult if that one night stand does not mean anything to them?"

Will and Deanna were taken aback by her point and let the matter dropped in that regard as Deanna continued,"Do you believe that if a Vulcan such as yourself would show her emotions in public that you would be "hit on" more than regularly?"

"I have seen it happened," Lee Ann explained, "even among shipmates."

"Explain.." Will Riker commanded as a Captain more than a Godparent.

"Vulcans are teased enough as it is as crewmates poke and prod for an emotional response. There seems to be some sort of appeal to get... as you humans say... our goat," Lee Ann stated flatly, "now imagine how much more motivated they would be if it was known that I was half Betazoid," she leaned towards Deanna to express the human display of it, "that I am "warm" and "sensual"?"

"Okay," Deanna put in, "I get the point. Thank you for sharing that. It does explain why most hybrid Vulcans hide their mixed lineage from being viewed as public record."

Then Lee Ann sat straight up in her seat at the table and resume her Vulcan composure. "It is unfortunate..." Lee Ann had concluded, "but I do not care to illicit more poking and proddings than I usually get now." Then she thought of her sister, the station's counselor, and decided to switch subject, "has the counselor been informed of our relations?"

Deanna replied, "No. We decided to wait for your approval first since you are officially our goddaughter," she went on to explain, "it would be better for you to find out first from us before we inform any of your other siblings in finding this out from them."

Lee Ann thought for a moment and said softly, "Thank you for that," she went on to say, "because I would never believed it from them or anyone else. I look nothing like them."

"Yes," Deanna agreed, "although two of your sisters share an identical look for the most part, you do stand apart from them noticeably, but the medical records from your birth does confirm that they are your sisters."

Lee Ann shook her head in disbelief and then looked up and asked, "Have you met this Christabelle?" Deanna and Will shook their heads slightly to the negative. "Well, I have. She's here at the station. She had just ran into me a little while ago."

Will and Deanna gave her a startled look as Deanna insisted, "We have told no one of ..."

Lee Ann interrupted her as she continued, "She did not know who I was. She just have a fascination for Vulcans."

Both the eyes of Will & Deanna popped wide open. "That was her?!!" Will exclaimed, "Man! We could hear her down the corrider a couple of times, but we never looked to see whom it was that was a Vulcan fanatic!"

"We just thought it was funny to hear that, but we never seen that girl," Deanna added, "wow. This is going to be interesting."

"Yeah..." Lee Ann pointed out, "especially when Cassandra is not prepared to meet her yet or this Christabelle in meeting her."

"I wonder what she would say if she found out she was part Vulcan?" Deanna chimed in amusement then it got quiet at the table as the smiles from Deanna and Will faded.

Lee Ann stood up, looking at her plate, announcing, "I do not think Cassandra would want her secret getting out."

Lee Ann moved to the door, but Deanna motioned her to stop and pleaded, "Wait... we will go with you. We know where her office is at the station."

As the Rikers led the way, Lee Ann looked for that fantatical sister of hers in the corridor, hoping to waylay her into a much needed private conversation, but the more she thought about that conversation, the less likely it was going to take place. Christabelle was uncontrollable when it comes to her childlike expressions and restraint. Lee Ann could see nothing but an overly exciteable sister proclaiming throughout the station that she was part Vulcan and she had sisters on the stations too. Lee Ann could imagine nothing short of complete exposure to the public and eventually her shipmates.

As they were about to approach an intersection of corridors, they saw Christabelle run into the Station's Counselor just as they rounded the bend. "Oh! Sorry...." Christabelle began and then her eyes froze upon the face of her twin looking Vulcan, "Gadzookie! You LOOK like ME!" They both were taken aback by this meeting, but Christabelle was more vocal about it, "Wow. WOW! Oh Wow!!!!" she exclaimed as she walked around Cassandra, eyeballing her Vulcan ears as the counselor assessed the whole of image of Christabelle. Christabelle clenched her trembling hands, holding them up against her chest as she beamed ever so brightly at Cassandra and hugged her, lifting her off of her feet.

"Please put me down, Girl," The Counselor demanded politely.

Christabelle complied. "Sorry!" she stammered about, "But this is SO UNREAL!!! It's like.. like what they say on earth! Because of the amount of people, there is a double for every one! I bet they never though of having a double in alien cultures!" Christabelle concluded with glee, "OH WOW!!" she was restraining herself from hugging Cassandra again, "This is SOOOO COOOL!!"

"Well," Cassandra commented rather pleasantly enough, "this explains all the looks I have been getting." Christabelle started to move forward to hug Cassandra again, but Cassandra held her hand out to stop her, "I have a destination that I have to go to. Please permit me to continue on my way."

Christabelle clasped her hands and placed them between her thighs somewhat as if to hold them there, while she bit her lower lip and sheepishly stepped aside. After Cassandra had walked past, she unclasped her hands and waved enthusiastically behind Cassandra, "Thank you for letting me HUG YOU!" and then clasped her hand again in a dreamy state until she spotted Lee Ann with the Rikers. "Oh! It's you AGAIN!" she ran up to Lee Ann and continued, "Did you see that?!! She looked like ME!" Christabelle looked away from them back at the departing Cassandra down the other corridor and then back at Lee Ann and the Rikers again, "It's like we could have been SISTERS!!!" she exclaimed with a bright smile at the possibility of it. "OH! Oh. I know!" Christabelle began to announce, "I'll go get Vulcan ears!" she looked down another corridor towards the station's Sick Bay, and proclaimed, "They can do that HERE!!" She clenched her shaking hands again as if to contain the joy of the idea and then hugged Lee Ann out of the blue, lifting her off of her feet. But before Lee Ann or the Rikers said anything, she placed Lee Ann down on her feet and darted off towards Sick Bay, giggling as she went.

"We'll handle this," Deanna announced, "she could get in trouble for impersonating a Starfleet personnel," she grabbed her arm and inquired,"Why don't you go to your quarters here at the station and take a break from all this?" Deanna was wishing to spare Lee Ann any more uncomfortable interaction with the uncontrollable Christabelle.

Since people near them were watching this "humorous" scene as some were chuckling at her, Lee Ann looked at the exciteable Christabelle entering Sick Bay and replied flatly, "It is agreeable." And she walked away, back the way they had come, ignoring the warm hearted smiles and the consoling comments given towards her from passerbys that "the girl" didn't mean anything by that hug.

She made her way past the Rikers' accomodations to the Quartermaster Office. A pleasant Bolian greeted her and inquired of her need. "Yes," she replied succinctly, "I believe I have quarters arranged earlier by my friend, Ensign Polly Kilpatrick.

The Bolian lookd up the information on the computer and announced that her quarters were indeed pre-arranged by the ensign and gave Lee Ann her designated accomodation. She left the Quartermaster's Office and strolled down the corridor. Then she stopped by a dessert cafe. It suddenly dawned on her that she could never tell Christabelle that she is her sister. She moved to a bench provided in the corridor across from the dessert cafe and sat down as she pondered the possibility that she should not even tell Cassandra that she is her sister. She could not imagine Cassandra not telling her twin sister the news, risking the unnecessary hardship due to that blabbermouth.

Then Lee Ann heard her, "Ooooh! Ooooo! You again! OHH gosh! My lucky DAY!" Lee Ann ignored her as she sat, staring blankly ahead in sadness while Christabelle saddled next to her on the bench.

She mustered up the nerve to say "Hi..." smiling so happy and acting so giddy next to her. Then Christabelle demeanor had changed. "What's wrong?" She sat there to the unresponsive Lee Ann and expressed a sorrowful concern for her, "...ooooo... ohh..." she looked around and then got up from the bench and began asking those passing by, "Will you help her please?" But one look at the stone cold faced Vulcan, most decided to mind their own business and walked on.

Some did say to Christabelle to leave her alone while a few others said to mind her own business, but one finally did say, "You help her." And it came from a Klingon, of all people.

And Christabelle was taken aback by that answer for a bit before stating, "But I don't know how." People continued to walk pass her as she whimpered at her helplessness as she wringed her hands to figure out what to do. She spotted something and then announced, "OH! I know!" She trotted off into the dessert cafe and came out with a couple of candy apples. She stood before Lee Ann and held one out for her to take, "Here!" she offered happily, "This is good! I really like this!" She bit her lower lip while seeing Lee Ann continuing her unresponsive behaviour towards her. She sat down next to her, holding out the candy apple that was offered to her while she ate the one she had for herself. "MMMmmmmmm...." she expressed her enjoyment in eating her candy apple, and then saying in a singsong kind of way, "if you don't take it, I'm going to eat it after I'm done with this one." Then she added, "You don't know what you are missing." She took a bite and declared, "Ohh.. yum yum YUMMY!" Then she looked at Lee Ann and waved the Candy Apple offered to her in front of her face. Christabelle sensed a slight elation in Lee Ann's emotions as Lee Ann took the candy apple to stop her waving it in front of her face. Then Christabelle pulled up her legs unto the bench and curled up as she pushed Lee Ann in the shoulder, as if indicating that she felt her elation for that moment and to stop being so sad on the outside.

"Stop it," Lee Ann retorted.

Christabelle kept poking her in the shoulder, smiling at her as Lee Ann was being amused by her playful antics, but she was still not showing it in return. Lee Ann bit into the candy apple, considering the idea of having her sister as her friend, but it was in trepidation.
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