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Re: Laser vision correction

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I appreciate the advice. Perhaps you could help with something else I'm curious about as well, although it's something I've tended to experience rarely. I haven't really mentioned it for that reason when I've gotten eye exams, and when I last had an ophthalmological exam they said my retinas were fine. But under certain circumstances, sometimes I experience an oddness when my eyes track motion. I'd describe it as watching something and imagining it as individual frames of film, and every so often the frames don't run together in a smooth animation. They look blockier, like when you see an infomercial that's been badly edited and has a shaky camera. But it's pretty rare, I'm just not sure what causes it. I've noticed mainly if I'm watching TV and there's a broad horizontal pan, and it doesn't always happen.
I don't know what that may be, but I can tell you that as part of the prep for my LASIK, I had the most thorough eye exam of my life! I would hope that would discover anything that may impact the procedure. You may want to post your info on an eyecare-specific forum somewhere to get a better answer, though...
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