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Re: The Nearly-Disastrous Start to the David Tennant Era

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As for stunt casting, I know it's terrible. Hale and Pace, Nicolas Parsons, John Cleese, the Beatles...I do wish RTD and Moffat would stop this, it never happened in the old show you know...
What a terrible point you're making. Yes, I do wish RTD and Moffat would stop it because it was shit and annoying in the old show too.
It's not the end of the world though is it, if we see McFly for a few seconds?

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Now that they're casting actors, casting has worked pretty well. They only cast a singer as someone who sings well, and looks very happy.
Huh? They only cast one singer and had a few celebs in cameos, casting hasn't changed.

Plus Kylie is long down the list of problems with Voyage Of The Dammed.
Donna's actor was a talk show host and Rose's was another singer, but I won't judge her acting as I was not interested in the character she was playing, it might have been spot on.
Do you even know what you're talking about? Tate was acting on Tv in the early 90s, and didn't even start doing stand up until years later, and why the hell shouldn't people change job role? Should Brad Pitt have stayed a model, should Harrison Ford have stuck to carpentry? People can have more than one string to their bow, and there are plenty of singers who become actors, and vice versa. I'm not the greatest Piper fan in the world, but her acting output is far more substantial than her tiny output as a pop star, and most people barely even know she ever had some hit records.
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