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Re: Oberth Class the missing link between Enterprise and Reliant

It's not as if ships like NX, Constitution or even Federation would have anything identifiable as a weapon by an "early industrial" civilization, though. The Oberth doesn't score extra points there, whether integrated or separated.

As for landing a wrecking ball, the most ideal shape for a vessel designed for three-dimensional combat, I don't think it would work well in any level of civilization. Old Egyptians would be terrified that it would roll over their villages!

neither can I imagine they had magic technology
But if they don't have magical technology from the get-go, they can't have starships, plain and simple. The Enterprises, all of them, would certainly "collapse under their own weight" if attempting to move in a zero-gee environment. The Oberth likewise.

Any foresighted Federation official of the mid-22nd Century "First Contact program" would have understood this and therefore a physical display of the "ship" was inevitable
Why? If the natives don't take the intrepid skipper's say-so, what's the point of not displaying weapons? Threats of mass destruction would obviously be the only thing such people would listen. If Earth wants to deal with them at all, it better be ready to stage some executions.

Use of transporters would completely sidestep such problems, of course. If a specific individual needed to be convinced, he or she could be kidnapped effortlessly with a transporter, shown what space looks like, and returned - or then thrown into a brig so that the landing party could beam down to deal with more reasonable people.

"Inoffensive display" makes no sense in any circumstances. Landing of a starship might, though, but that's really a separate issue.

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