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Re: The Nearly-Disastrous Start to the David Tennant Era

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"Rarely mundane"? Are you kidding? The series starts in a junkyard!

ISOBEL: "Hey! That's a jolly outfit. Would you mind posing for me?"

YATES: "Fancy a dance, Brigadier?"
BRIGADIER: "It's kind of you, Captain Yates. I think I'd rather have a pint."

"My father, he was a cane cutter. "
"Exactly. Now, if no one had used sugar, your father wouldn't have been a cane cutter."
"If this sugar thing had never started, my great-grandfather wouldn't have been kidnapped, chained up, and sold in Kingston in the first place. I'd be an African."
A: Despite junkyards being a weird places, that episode was indeed from a more RTD/Pertwee point of view before entering the TARDIS. After that point they mostly went to complete, new settings instead of just stuff coming at their place like often with Pertwee and RTD. The PoV character thing though, was there too until Leela (?), but that has nothing to do with how mundane the stuff is we're looking at.

B,C: Dunno what those are. Doesn't seem much at all?

D: That sounds like it might have been a common discussion when the episode was made but I don't think slavery's really mundane at all, nor really the thing 7 was getting at.

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