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Re: Season FOUR OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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Reunion freaking rocks!!!

There's always the comment what episodes would work on a certain series, and Reunion is an episode that would be a great DS9 episode. It's interesting how DS9 kind of tied some of the plots to this show together, such as Worf becoming what K'ehleyr was or how Worf killed both Duras and Gowron. There was just so much greatness to this episode, it's probably a top 5 season 4 episode for sure.

The remastering was pretty good too, even though the far distances of the ship look HTV like? When CBS Digital does it, the ship looks dark and menacing and beautiful. When another company does it, the ship looks white a little dull. I know this has probably been talked about adnausium and there are folks here who know more about what things are supposed to look like better than I, but it's just something I've noticed a bit. Still, I haven't seen Reunion in a long time and it's probably my favorite episode in this whole Klingon arc.
I've always loved this story !! When I first watched TNG he was my favourite character on the series I was very happy to embrace that again when DS9 introduced him. Always thought that the way of the warrior was one of the best Klingon story arcs ever.

And the HD remastering of TNG is amazing in some aspects I'm reading the 365 book of Star Trek TNG as I'm watching each episode some really good facts while watching season 4 !!
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