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Re: Do fans want the prime timeline back?

As a human being, I naturally expect progress. A reboot of TOS isn't progress. Especially when the reboot only consists of references to stuff I already know. Give me something new already. A post-TNG/DS9 era film with a new hot and fresh crew and a new ship and truly alien stuff, strange new worlds that you can only realize in a big budget production.

Greg Cox wrote: View Post
To put things in perspective, thousands of people attended the Las Vegas convention. This poll questioned 100 people . . . out of at least 15,000 attendees.

Talk about statistically insignificant! I'd hesitate to draw any grand conclusions on what "the fans" want from a sampling of 100 people at one Trek convention . . . especially when the audience for the Star Trek shows and movies numbers in the millions.

And, no, the old timeline isn't coming back . . . except in the novels, of course.
Which are, of course, only read by those 100 people who voted at the con. Don't risk alienating your audience, Mr. Cox!
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