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Re: Let's Discuss the Romulan Bird of Prey!

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I do not necessarily oppose the notion of a particle flux being a large factor in the creation of a warp field. But why do you think those particles should be gamma rays? It seems a strange choice.
First, I believe that dilithium crystals could also amplify nuclear fusion energy. I elaborated on the possibility here and feel that TNG's suggestion (crystals do amplify) is not a retroactive concept as it already had been suggested in "Pirates of Orion" (TAS).

From what I understand, one thing both nuclear fusion and annihilation (matter-antimatter reaction) have in common is the production of gamma rays, energy and various atomic and sub-atomic waste particles. A small hint that gamma rays / photons may have something to do with propulsion in the 23rd Century comes from ST II (Joachim: "They damaged the photon controls"), IMHO.

Fusion and annihilation energy is converted into some kind of exotic plasma (apparently it is but I wonder how and how much) which next stimulates the even more exotic warp coils to do what they have been designed for - enable space warp travel.

Considering the various discussions (how to bridge interstellar distances solely with the impulse drive, once your ability to [actively!] "warp" space has gone) I couldn't help to mention the alternative (?) that natural gamma radiation could do the job.

It's a wild, unorthodox and heretical concept, which probably isn't supported by the entire TOS onscreen dialogue (which I didn't have the time yet to fine comb) but I thought nevertheless one worth mentioning and food for thought.

Thanks that you accepted the invitation, your comment is the first one I ever received as a feedback regarding this idea.

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