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Re: Allow Myself to Introduce...Myself

Guess I should join in, I am new here too.
I am 23 and live in Brooklyn (where it is finally cooling off!). Star Trek TNG premiered when I was five, and my father (an avid trekker) had me hooked from the get-go. The show filled my head with wonderful words and phrases like "particle accelorator" and "antimatter" (I was so dissapointed when I learned the true nature of antimatter, it had sounded so mysterious and magical when I was a kid!). Likely I owe my passion for physics to Star Trek.
Let's see . . .
I have a Bachelor of Science in Education and am hoping to go for a Master's in Teaching Science within the next year or two. It is my goal to make my third-graders as passionate about physics as I was at their age!

The Enterprise is my TARDIS.
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