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Re: Do fans want the prime timeline back?

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When the Abramsverse has been around for 40+ years, THEN tell me it's "the most successful" one.
It's successful to the people that have seen it (the old fans like myself that aren't trapped in the past and who can only relate to the founding moment, the average person who isn't a fan of Star Trek, and the new fans who love it a lot and are vital to the franchise's survival) as well as to the people who are the ones that control the franchise and determine what gets made and what doesn't. That's all that matters.

As for you and the other obdurate foundamantalist (using a quote from Irshad Manji in her book The Trouble With Islam that describes the Muslims resistant to change creating problems for Islam itself) fans here stuck in the founding moment, if you can't get behind it, you can't get behind it, but that's not my problem, or CBS's, or Paramount's, or Bad Robot's or anybody else that's not so obdurate and trapped in the past and who can only deal with the founding moment. It's yours, and if you want to see more official Star Trek, you'd better get used to it, because the fan shows aren't going to be approved to become official productions so that they can be on TV (for one, they need professional actors to make it work.) This is it now, and most likely, forever.
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