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Re: Oberth Class – the missing link between Enterprise and Reliant

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It has been mentioned that the caps of the nacelles suggest a late 23rd Century design (based on Excelsior's similar but not identical front caps?). I don't see it.
Actually, I mentioned that, but I think you misunderstood. I said that the Oberth class nacelles look very similar to the nacelles of the Excelsior study models:

Ironically, the fifth study model (the one Nimoy chose), had nacelles that were completely different, but that's not the point here. The point is that based on these four study models, it seems very likely that the Oberth was supposed to be contemporary to the Excelsior, and not any older than, say, TMP.

The Republic type - am unable to confirm, but recall the registry as being given on-screen. It could be almost any class. Bob: NCC-1373
The Republic's registry is 1371.
Constitution 1600 - because of TOS-R? If that's the only reason why, I say meh. I could ignore it, especially if we're trying to be true to the original TOS spirit. Would you presuppose this class was outwardly similar but actually different? Wouldn't this actually make this class something different and the 1700s the "real" Constitution class? Bob: No, this is the logical conclusion (and was a "peace" offering) to all those that assume that there is a Constitution Class with starships that closely resemble the Enterprise
The lowest canonical Constitution registry is the Constellation's, 1017.
Entente 2100 - I forget the exact line, but it's in the Epsilon IX chatter somewhere, I think in the extended VHS version. (I don't think they ever call it a "dreadnought" as such.) Bob: Will examine!
The Entente's registry is 2120.
Constellation 1900 - Agreed that NX-1974 looks dubious, but it was onscreen in TUC on a chart (albeit somewhat hard to see) - can't ignore evidence here but not on TOS-R can ya?
Technically the 1974 registry for the prototype ship is correct, even though it was on a chart nobody could actually see.
Soyuz 1900 - Does make sense, except the decommissioned so soon bit.
LOL, don't even get me started about the Soyuz class

"A Piece of the Action". Kirk assumes (must have been Starfleet First Contact procedure 100 years earlier) that Bela Oxmyx expects to actually see a Federation vessel landing, thus Kirk advises him "The ship will not land" to avoid wrong expectations.
Interesting; I don't ever remember hearing this line about the Horizon possibly landing on the planet. But if the ship was Daedalus class, then it wouldn't have a saucer. Of course there's no canonical evidence it was a Daedalus class, other than that possible desktop model. Either way, it sounds like, based just on the dialogue, that the entire ship landed, which would really not work with the Daedalus class.
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