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Re: Season FOUR OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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So I watched the first disc.

Some thoughts (about the series up to this point):

* The show is exceptionally pretty for something produced in the early-90's. You can tell the folks really put a lot of love into the series.

* Brothers and Remember Me are much better than I remembered (especially the music). Family and Suddenly Human are dull.

* Jonathan Frakes is the weak link in the cast, far more than either Sirtis or Wheaton. His acting style, "80's constipation" factored with the fact that the character does nothing but stand around and state the obvious hurts the show. His character arc was done, I wish they had been brave enough to move the show in another direction.
Agreed on Frakes. I thought after Season 3 his "ladies man" persona no longer worked. Funny because on most shows women weren't allowed to gain weight(see Delta Burke on Designing Women) yet Frakes was allowed to stay on. They should have let him keep his captain rank after Best of Both Worlds, move him to another ship and have Shelby or someone else become the new first officer.
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