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Re: Dumping Cable & Getting a Roku - Advice Needed

Apologies for thread necro, but didn't want to start another...

Anyhoo, I've been thinking about "cutting the cord" for some time now. The only things really standing in my way were sports and (political) news.

The only sports I'm really interested in are football and baseball. Both Roku and Apple have the MLB package, so that's not a problem. Sunday Ticket is still DirectTV exclusive. I decided not to pick it up this year and just cancelled it today--which is what prompted this post. It's just way too expensive now for what I get out of it. The other sports (hockey, basketball, footie) I will miss, but can live without.

So the only real issue is news. At this point, the only actual "TV" I watch anymore is either msnbc or CNN. I always have one or the other on when I'm cleaning/cooking or whatever. From what I understand, Roku doesn't have a CNN channel and the NBC channel is only segment clips/pod casts, correct?

Also, is there a price list for some of the channels? I couldn't find anything on the Roku or AppleTV web pages. I did various Googles, but couldn't find anything definitive. I'd like to do some sort of cost analysis.

Oh, and I know there's an HBO channel, but I read somewhere you need an existing cable provider account to access it. Is that true? The only things I'd want it for are GoT and Real Time, but I can always get those someplace else.
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