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Re: Recommend your favorite Science or Technology book.

Likely some of you have experienced that somewhat exasperated look that strikes the face of your friend or loved one when you try to talk physics. Or maybe I have just been unlucky to have not met many others who get so excited about an electron being everywhere at once. I have just joined this forum -- I can't believe what I have been missing!
On to books: I agree! Fabric of the Cosmos is lovely! Brian Greene has a wonderful way of dealing with those inevitable first few chapters of a pop-sci book that reiterate the basics. He manages to explain relativity in such fun ways.
Roger Penrose's Emperor's New Mind is truly remarkable. His thoughts on AI are increasingly relevant.
And of course, The Physics of Star Trek! I laughed reading this book, as Krauss alternately praised and and poked fun at the show that first got me interested in physics as a child.
And lastly, although it doesn't technically qualify as sci-tech literature, Einstein's Dreams. In my opinion, the loveliest book ever written, connecting art and science in a n alomost painfully beautiful way. It doesn't teach anything new about theory, but it certainly makes you wonder about the actual nature of time and the universe and how our existence has been shaped.

Happy reading everyone, and thanks for being physics groupies too!

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