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Re: TrekBBS movie ranking thread!

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Haha, this story is everywhere right now. Funny seeing the damage control and spin from the usual types.

Relax, and let people have their opinions. I'd rank STID above Generations, so I don't think it's the worst either. Doesn't mean I'm gonna be upset if I learn a poll of fans disagree. Let people have the freedom of expression.
Yeh I thought the same. Everybody's entitled to their own opinion. But if that affects the merchandising of the movie by purporting to be representative of the Star Trek community as a whole then it is a concern.
Though I must admit the BASSSERY never suggested it was but as it goes viral the justification gets lost.

If they are saying 'even the Star Trek fans think STID is the worst'... then its misleading because I don't really think that's the case or even close to it.
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