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Star Trek: The Lost Generation

Star Trek: The Lost Generation

Episode #1 The Golgotha

Chapter #1 Family Secrets

"Lee Ann! Lee Ann!" came the voice of a crewmate from behind her. She turned to see whom it was that was making a point to have company with her while she was on this particular space station. It was Ensign Polly Kilpatrick, a blonde human female, serving in Engineering. When she caught up with her in the bustling corrider near the boarding entry, she took the time to catch her breath before continuing, "May I accompany you?"

"If you wish," Lee Ann replied, "but you should know that there is a family matter I need to attend to."

"Oh," Polly's voice dropped off into dispappointment, "I'm sorry. I did not mean to intrude."

"It is quite all right, Ensign Kilpatrick," the Vulcan Ensign replied, "I am certain it will not take long, but you may have to wait in the corridor until the meeting is over." This seemed to brighten Ensign Kilpatrick for a moment, until Lee Ann had asked, "Is there a reason why you wish to prefer my company during our layover here at Utopia Planitia?"

"Umm... ." Polly was fidgetting, "I.. I just want to be your friend."

"Very well," Lee Ann stated as she turned away to resume her course. It took a second for Polly to fathom that it was okay to follow her.

The bustling corrider thinned out as they were moving further away from the boarding area until a squeal of delight resounded throughout the corrider as a young human looking female darted away from her group, announcing, "A Vulcan! A Vulcan! Oh, how I love Vulcans!!" She bounded up in front of Lee Ann, forcing her to stop, and then she stood there looking at Lee Ann with fanatical zeal. She was breathing heavily with excitement as she mustered up the nerve to say, "Hi.."

Lee Ann was not accustomed to this display of childlike behaviour coming from an adult. She raised an eyebrow to determine if she was under some form of intoxication. She sniffed her breath which her mouth was no more than a feet away from her, but detected no alcoholic smell at all. She focussed on her eyes to see if they were dilated more than usual to indicate some form of drug running through her system, but there was no indication of such abuse to the mind of this apparent overzealous fan of Vulcans. Then she realized that a greeting in return was expected from her. "Hello", she said calmly in return.

The fan giggled, and clenched her shaking hands, bringing them up to her chest as if to restrain something, and then groaned, "OoooOOOoooohhh! I gotta hug you!!" And she did. It was such a body hug that one would think she had just found her long lost friend or something.

"Christabelle!" came the alarming cry of her guardian, "How many times do I have to tell you to leave the Vulcans alone?"

Christabelle let Lee Ann go from her fierce hug, acting all sheepish for her public display of love towards Vulcans. She floundered for something to say while her guardian was coming over to them, and she finally said, "Umm.. thank you for letting me hug you, " she looked at Lee Ann's dispassionate face, as Christabelle bit her lower lip before saying, "nice to meetcha..." and by that time, the guardian had grabbed a hold of her left wrist and started to pull her away from them, "bye.." she said as her eyes locked on Lee Ann as if to drink in every moment she could of seeing her.

Ensign Polly Kilpatrick had to stifle a laugh and cover her smile in seeing her new friend putting up with this young lady's enthusiasm for Vulcans, but she regained her composure shortly to continue walking with Lee Ann dutifully without giving the wrong impression that she was laughing at her expense, which she wasn't. She did not really know what to say to her to support her friend in this situation, especially when Vulcans do try to avoid bodily contact with other species, especially hugs, which was something they are not familiar towards in practise as an alien race. It seemed that silence was the best way to support her friend and thus forgetting this embarrassing ordeal would more than likely be her friend's preference if she wished to continue having this friendship with Lee Ann. She tried to think of a subject to help leave behind what had just happened, "Anything new in the Science Department?" Polly inquired, hoping she did not have to narrow the subject to a specific topic.

"Nothing worthy to report," Lee Ann stated as a matter of fact.

Lee Ann heard that fanatical girl's squeal again far behind them in the corridor, announcing that she had spotted another Vulcan. That particular Vulcan was running past them, seemingly trying to get away from that girl, making Polly burst out laughing, but as Polly looked back, the girl was not chasing him at all. When Polly looked forward at the running Vulcan, Lee Ann had come to a standstill as her hand shot out to hold Polly back from proceeding any further. Polly saw Lee Ann's fixed look ahead, and followed her gaze to what was alarming her as it proceeded past the running Vulcan to a fight ahead of him outside of a bar. A Nausicaan was throwing one Ferengi across the corrider while snatching up the other one, drawing his blade. The Vulcan arrived in time and managed to give the Nausicaan a Vulcan nerve pinch from behind just as the blade was raised to be plunged into the heart of the held Ferengi. The bloodless blade dropped to the floor as the Vulcan lowered the unconscious Nausicaan to lessen his fall at their feet. The newly freed Ferengi was still aghasted by the event, and before he had collected his wits about him, the Vulcan had left before he could thank him. Lee Ann eyed the retreating Vulcan as he walked past them the other way, never once did their eyes meet.

Lee Ann and Polly continued to walk towards her destination and by the time they were walking past the scene outside of the bar, Starfleet security was arriving. They heard one Ferengi said to another, "Kek. That's two you owe him," to which Kek had replied towards the other to shut up.

It was a full twenty minutes walk since until Lee Ann was prompted to ponder the confusing scene in her mind. She stopped, turned around, and looked back.

"What?" Ensign Polly asked as she joined her in looking back.

"How did he know to be there for that Ferengi?" Lee Ann inquired.

Polly thought for a moment, "I don't know," she finally said, "it could very well be that he had heard trouble was brewing because of that Nausicaan coming onboard looking for a fight," then she declared in protest,"and what is a Nausicaan and a couple of Ferengiis doing onboard anyway? This is a Starfleet waiting station for Starfleet personnel!"

Lee Ann corrected her, "It is also a service area for travellers in transit."

"It is?" Polly asked incredulously, "You would think there would be enough service areas for travellers down on the surface."

"That would be if they were visiting Mars on the surface," Lee Ann explained, but if they are in transit,"it would be more efficient to get services through here."

"Well, "Polly shrugged,"I'm a newbie. Live and learn, I guess."

Lee Ann dropped the matter since it was possible that the Vulcan could have gotten information that there would be trouble coming from the Nausicaan, but still...what the one Ferengi had said to another was highly suggestive that this was not an isolated incident with this Vulcan, but it was hardly a matter worth investigating. She dropped the train of thoughts concerning him as it has been her habit to overthink things, but she was getting better at knowing when to stop and so she proceeded to their destiniation.

"Please wait here," Lee Ann said as they stood outside the door of an accomodation, "hopefully, I shall not be long."

The door slid open as Polly got a peek in to see Captain William Riker of the USS Titan with his wife, Counselor Deanna Troi. Out of reflex, Polly grabbed Lee Ann's arm and asked in awe, "They are your family?" as she looked at her Vulcan ears once more in disbelief.

"They are my Godparents," Lee Ann explained, "I hardly ever see them. It just so happens that they are here while their ship, the Titan, is undergoing maintenance and repairs. They had heard that our ship was also putting in for maintenance and repairs as well and had asked me to stop in for a visit, claiming that they had something of importance to share with me concerning a family matter that it could not be put off any more."

"Oh..." Polly was interested more in Lee Ann now, "okay. I'll wait. Take all the time you need."

Lee Ann stated, "If it takes longer than I had anticipated, I shall inform you." As the the door slid shut, Polly saw the welcoming view of Counselor Deanna Troi arms wide open in greeting the entering Vulcan.

The door was shut as Deanna Troi clasped her hands together to prevent herself from embracing Lee Ann in a hug, but she still smiled at her in greeting her into their temporary accomodation, "Welcome, Lee Ann! We are very glad to see you! Would you like some Vulcan tea before we begin?"

"I have a friend waiting outside," Lee Ann reported as a matter of fact, "if this will take long, I will need to inform her."

"Well," Deanna Troi stated as she was taken aback by this cold front, but then she spotted the Vulcan ears and remembered, and had to laugh at herself for forgetting, but Will Riker interjected before she could respond further.

His tone was soft and yet heavy that it told Lee Ann that this family matter was serious, "Yes, it may take awhile. You may want to tell your friend to get together at another time. Mayhap tomorrow."

Lee Ann stood there, sensing the gravity of the situation, and without further adieu, she stepped out for a moment to ask Polly to make housing arrangements here at the station for the two of them, and apologized that this family matter was more serious than she had thought, and then after bidding farewell, she had returned to seat herself on an isolated cushioned chair in the living room as Will & Deanna seated themselves on the sofa across from her. "Is there news regarding my father?" she braced herself.

"No," Will answered abruptly, "no. Your father is okay as far as we know," thus easing her concern of his welfare as he was serving onboard the Vulcan Science Vessel on an unspecified deep space assignment.

She sat there as Will & Deanna collected themselves and seemingly at an impasse on how to begin this uncomfortable subject. There was a padd on the coffee table in front of them that they were looking at, and so Lee Ann fathomed that surely the information that they had wished to share with her was on the padd. She picked it up before Deanna could stop her, "Wait.. wait," Deanna pleaded, "you need to be prepared."

It was too late. "I am one of five children born of my mother on the same day?" Lee Ann asked incredulously, "Why would my Father keep this information from me?" She looked up at the Rikers and then back at the padd, touching several times to flip through the information.

"It is okay for you to show your emotions to us, Lee Ann," Deanna offered, sensing the churning of swelling anger and grief rising within Lee Ann, "we know you are half Betazoid and have never gone through Kolinahr."

At that, Lee Ann let out a whimper when reading of the abduction of one of her baby sisters, Lydia, which combined with the death of her mother, led her father in grief and in guilt to give up all but one of the children to raise on his own. Then Deanna got up to kneel beside her chair, placing a hand on her forearm to comfort her. Her father had chosen Lee Ann out of the five children, because she was the only one born, looking like a Vulcan.

She read on to see the reasons for the placements. There was a report of an unusual sonargram of her baby brother, Godfrey, and one of her other baby sisters, Desarae, were holding each other in the womb, and thus led her father to cause the seperation of the two by placing Godfrey with Candice, her other baby sister that happened to be born first. Lee Ann read on that Godfrey was renamed Sherwin Owen Waite as Candice was renamed Christabelle Lia Waite. She looked at the single placement of Desarae as being renamed as Cassandra Julianna Corsinca. Lee Ann felt for Desarae being all alone family-wise, and she touched the screen to see where she was now. The picture in her profile of Desarae as Cassandra Julianna Corsinca made Lee Ann dropped the padd. It looked exactly like that fanatical girl she had seen mere moments ago in the corridor, but with Vulcan ears. She stood up in disbelief, seeing the uncanny resemblance of Desarae to that Vulcan fan. Deanna picked up the padd from the floor and slowly stood up to hand it to her. Lee Ann slowly took the padd again and while she shook her head in disbelief, she looked at the picture of Cassandra, touched the link to read about her current whereabouts.

She was here, at this particular station, serving in Starfleet as a Counselor. Her official record was before her to read, but it listed her as Vulcan, locking her medical file from viewing as Lee Ann had done with her health records to hide the fact that she was half Betazoid.

She touched the screen to go back to Christabelle to see her current picture. She was the spitting twin image of the Counselor, only wthout the Vulcan ears. Lee Ann shook her head in disbelief. She looked at her medical file which was open to be read, revealing that some Vulcan genetic markers were dormant, leaving her with a more human appearance.

She touched the screen to go back to see her baby brother. She touched the screen to see his current whereabouts, but it stopped short at 7 years of age when he had entered Ponn Farr which caused his Vulcan ears to form. It was then that the family placed him through an adoptive agency on Vulcan, seperating Sherwin from Christabelle. Deanna was holding Lee Ann from the side with one arm to support her as she was viewing what Lee Ann was reading. Deanna explained, "We had tried to find him, Lee Ann, but I am afraid Vulcans are unsympathetic towards any outside inquiries into his current whereabouts."

All Lee Ann saw was that Candice's family had rejected her brother because he was a Vulcan. She looked back in the padd at Desarae and had fathomed that Cassandra had better faring with her family since there was no further placement when her Vulcan ears had come forth at age 14. Still, she went back to view the last picture of her teary eyed 7 year old brother, and wept a few tears for him.

Anger was swelling up now towards her father for denying this information from her regarding her siblings and the events surrounding the death of her mother. She looked at the police report and news report surrounding the abduction of the last baby born, Lydia, which her mother had given up her life in giving birth to her. She saw how devastated her father was which was unusual for a Vulcan to be seen in that way. Betazed authorities feared that he was not capable of taking care of all of the remaining four children, but as he had fought for his right to take care of all of them, he could only prove he was capable of taking care of one. His failure to the court in taking care of four babies added to his loss.

This explained why Lee Ann was under the care of the Nanna while her father was always away on deep space missions.

Deanna tried her best to comfort her, but Lee Ann was determined that she was not going to show her emotions any more. She took in a deep breath, and exhaled as Deanna sensed her resolution within her that required her to stand back. Lee Ann placed the padd on the coffee table and stated in a Vulcan fashion, "It is irrelevant now. Our childhood has been lost, but we are adults now of 27 years of age. Life goes on as you humans say." She turned to leave, but Deanna grabbed hold of the back of her arm. Lee Ann was not fooling her at all. She hugged Lee Ann, and coaxed her to let it all out what she was burying so hard to keep within. Lee Ann blurted out bawling over the loss of her two siblings, and crying out of her pain of wanting to find them. At that, Will stood up from the sofa and joined in embracing them both and comforting her by saying, "We will never stop looking for them, Lee Ann."

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