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Re: Better if they had allowed main cast to die?

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Ayala... did he ever even have a line? He was just the "Morn" of the Voyager bridge.
Yes he did have a couple of lines in "Renaissance Man", he also had some kind of promotion because he was wearing command colors and was at Voyager's helm.

"KIM: Report.
AYALA: There's some kind of pulse being directed at our transceiver array. It's coming from the Delta Flyer.
KIM: Hail them.
AYALA: No response."

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I think I would've liked it if they kept the Delaney twins a running gag about them doing outrageous things, even though we never see them instead of their holo date with Kim and Paris.

I honestly don't remember Susan Nicoletti. What episode was she in?
I also agree with you about the Delanie Sisters, Nicoletti was in several episodes but never had any lines. She got a letter from home in "Hunters" and once Tom Paris referred to her as "Cold hands, cold heart Nicoletti."

Here is a link to some pictures of some of the characters

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Haren I definitely would've liked to see more of. Sure the guy was something of a jerk, but yeah... Janeway was being condescending to him, the hypochondriac blueshirt kept nearly getting him killed and he kept having to fix Celes's mistakes all in the guise of "charity." Poor guy. I might lock myself away too.
I would have loved to see the interaction between him and Seven.

There is a "Voyager Lower Decks" web site with a listing of all the b characters, pictures when available, and which episodes they appeared in.

A - K

L - Z

It's really handy when you are writing fic.
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