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Re: Better if they had allowed main cast to die?

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What's so special about Celes? I'll agree that Voyager should've used the secondary characters more often... but beyond that Celes never did much to stand out beyond being the ship's screw up.
Celes along with Ayala have a considerable number of fans in the Voyager shipper fandoms, along with the Delaney twins, Susan Nicoletti, Sam Wildman, Joe Carey, and Vorik. Celes is paired most often with Harry Kim, and Ayala is paired with several different females including Janeway. In the Janeway shipper fandom his first name is Michael, while in the M/M slash fandom his first name is Gregory.

This is why I keep telling everyone to be careful which characters you step on because there are fans of those characters out there.

I personally have kind of a soft spot for Mort Harren, I would love to read a story pairing him with Seven of Nine.
Learned a bit there! Voyager definitely missed some oppurtunities by not giving the secondary characters some roles. The good use of guest stars is part of why I liked DS9 so much.

Celes seemed nice, but yeah appearing in two episodes really didn't really intrigue me and she openly admitted yeah I shouldn't be here.

Ayala... did he ever even have a line? He was just the "Morn" of the Voyager bridge.

I think I would've liked it if they kept the Delaney twins a running gag about them doing outrageous things, even though we never see them instead of their holo date with Kim and Paris.

I honestly don't remember Susan Nicoletti. What episode was she in?

Sam Wildman... yeah it almost seemed to me she was just a plot device there to produce Naomi then fades to the background once she was old enough to contribute to the show.

Carey I liked, he was a strong extra in the first two seasons... then like disappears for the most part until season 7... then they kill him right before they get home. Poor guy.

Vorik... honestly, I'd have preferred most of his roles(minus Blood Fever) had gone to Carey. Beyond that one terrible episode, he was your standard background character but nice bit of continuity to be had if nothing remarkable.

Haren I definitely would've liked to see more of. Sure the guy was something of a jerk, but yeah... Janeway was being condescending to him, the hypochondriac blueshirt kept nearly getting him killed and he kept having to fix Celes's mistakes all in the guise of "charity." Poor guy. I might lock myself away too.

Chell was another character I liked. But yeah, that would require the Maquis being remembered beyond Chakotay/Torres.
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