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Re: Do fans want the prime timeline back?

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Timewalker, let me clarify: What I mean by the Doctor Who reference is that those folks manage to do really good storytelling, and a few decent effects where appropriate, on a very tight budget. Certainly not as tight today as it was through the '60s. But that franchise is proof enough for me that a half-century-old backstory can be freshened up for not too much monetary investment, and presented very, very well. Modern Doctor Who blows away anything the Trek franchise has produced in this century.
Okay, peace... I just wanted to clarify what you meant. I'm a Classic Who fan - to me the definitive Doctor is Tom Baker. I co-admin a whole forum dedicated to Tom Baker's Doctor.

While there are elements of modern Who I don't care for, I am thankful that the new production people haven't deliberately crapped all over the show's history (except for the nonsense of the Eighth Doctor being half-human; please tell me they retconned that shit at some point), blatantly ripped the names and locations, and essentially made it into a travesty with the same name and thought to fool people.

That's what Abrams has done with nuTrek. He can call his characters by the Star Trek names, but the character Quinto is playing is NOT Spock. Whatsisname is NOT playing real Kirk. That ridiculous child-man is not Chekov, that clown is not McCoy, and while real Uhura initially flirted with real Spock, that's as far as it ever went.

So you're saying that any author who can't tell a good Star Trek story, also can't tell a good story, period?
No, that's not what I'm saying, and indeed, it would be ridiculous if I did. But I am saying there's no good excuse for a good writer (or these days, writing team) not to tell a good Star Trek story if she puts her mind to it.
But there are some very good authors who are quite content not ever writing a Star Trek story - not because they couldn't do it, but because they just aren't interested. I'm pretty sure C.J. Cherryh would fall into this category. This woman is a genius at world and universe-building; her characters and worlds are incredibly rich and complex, and her stories are extremely compelling. IF she ever wanted to write a Star Trek story, I'm sure she'd blow at least 90% of the Trek authors out of the water. But to the best of my knowledge, she's never done so, nor does she have any interest in doing so.

This is why folks say they want the Prime Universe back. What they want is the effort to tell as complete and contiguous a story as possible. I'd be happy seeing someone do that officially for the franchise, even as an animation. For heaven's sake, "Star Trek: Final Frontier" tells better stories on black-and-white storyboards than what I'm paying $15 to see in 3D.

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I'll happily lead the parade of people wanting the Prime Universe back. Anyone who says there's nowhere else to go outside of the Abramsverse for good stories is just lacking imagination.
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