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Re: Alternate History Movie Casting

The Spy Who Loved Me

James Bond - Timothy Dalton

Anya Amasova - Mary Tamm (RIP)

Karl Stromberg - Peter Cushing (RIP)

Jaws - Carel Struycken

Naomi - Sarah Douglas

General Golgol - Richard Marner (RIP)

M - Arthur Lowe (RIP)

Q - Clive Dunn (RIP)

Raiders of the Lost Ark

Dr. Henry Jones - Tom Selleck

Marion Ravenwood - Alice Krige

Dr. Rene Belloq - Louis Jourdan

Sturmbannfuher Arnold Toht - Christopher Lloyd

Sallah - Omar Sharif

Dr. Marcus Brody - Alec Guiness (RIP)

Oberst Dietrich - Rutger Hauer
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