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Re: TOS Enterprise WIP

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Yet "location" and "the way it is given" would be fundamentally separate things, and we never learn the bearing would not have changed (into zero zero zero mark zero, say)...
Actually we kinda do. Kirk tells Sulu the target is Spock's contact after we get Spock's bearing and distance. When Kirk asks later if the target has changed location, Spock confirms it has not. Since Spock's "location" is based on a bearing and distance from the ship and Sulu was told to target the object (giving him time to turn the ship) prior to the location confirmation that indicated no change then the only thing we can conclude is that the target was still on the same bearing and distance at the time of firing.

If Spock had said something else like, "now bearing directly ahead" or Kirk said "bring forward tube to bear" then I'd easily agree that the ship turned to bring the forward tube to bear.

Then we also have "Elaan of Troyius" where Kirk orders "to bring all tubes to bear." If he really meant ALL tubes to bear then that meant there were only the six forward tubes as that was what was fired. We never saw any stern tubes used right after the forward ones were fired.

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I just don't see the tactical purpose of not turning; Kirk isn't about to take his enemy by surprise or anything, and isn't biding his time with the torpedo shot, but takes it as soon as Sulu gets a weapon ready for him.
That's an interesting question. If he had stern tubes, then there would be no tactical purpose to turn anyway. If he had only forward tubes and the torpedo could easily turn and hit a target behind him at 90,000km, again, no reason to turn. It's not like there was one side of the shields that would better protect them.

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And Scotty is worried about maneuverability, despite being present on the bridge for a change, and aware of the tactical decisions being made and their main viewer -evidenced consequences.
Scott's more worried about keeping the shields at Full Power as ordered by Kirk.
KIRK: Full power to the shields, Mister Scott.
SCOTT: Giving them all we got.
SCOTT: I'm having to divert the warp engine power into the shields, sir, if you want the protection.
KIRK: Mister Spock, speed of those bolts.
SPOCK: Approximately warp fifteen, Captain.
KIRK: Then we can't out run them. Good, Scotty. You're doing the right thing.
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I thus also wonder whether the "drain on the engines" really is from the shields,
The drain is clearly from keeping the shields at Full Power and not from the maneuvering. At the end, they were maneuvering on impulse power, but this goes to a bit about Nomad and the Enterprise. If Sulu pivots the ship at Impulse to aim, Nomad with it's potentially higher speed could probably still hold the same bearing.

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On a more general note, we probably have to figure out the logic of only using tubes 2, 4 and 6 for the "Journey to Babel" volley and the choice of #2 here if we want to establish the total number of tubes in the most sensible way. Personally, I feel a balance of six forward and possibly two aft tubes is very nice and jibes with ENT "precedent", but Kirk's preference for even tubes over odd ones might suggest that the forward six are grouped in a specific manner.
In "Elaan of Troyius" they fired all six. Two rapidly from three positions. I would theorize that on the ventral saucer area there are 3 sets of 2 tubes. 1/2 could be forward, 3/4 on one side and the 5/6 on the other.

That's not to say all Enterprise-type ships didn't have aft tubes. We just know the Enterprise didn't. Curiously, the TMP and -A versions don't appear to have them either.
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