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Re: common misconceptions about Voyager

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she did care, she tried her best with Q's son to help him for example
Q's kid q got into a huge amount of trouble because he crossed a line of space he shouldn't have that he was told not to and it pissed off an arbitrary alien species that wanted him to face alien justice for his alien crimes. This is the episode where Icheb hillllllllllllllariously says " Captain Janeway taught me to respect the laws of alien cultures!" The alien laws said that Icheb and q had to have their arms cut off and bleed out because they trespassed. It was death sentence. Janeway sent two children to their deaths because whimsy had her finally remember that other space governments have rights.

In comparison...

30 days.

Tom uses phontonic torpedoes like a terrorist to destroy an alien power station like a terrorist, throwing their culture ass over tea kettle as they're shit out of luck to have enough power any more to feed, clothe and heat the complete limits of their population who are terrified of the terrorist Tom Paris. Those aliens wanted to take Tom in for questioning, but Janeway ran. She ran for thirty days, while they chased her and shot at her, making the entire crew complicit with Terrorist Tom's terrorism.


Janeway trespassed, just the same as q and icheb trespassed. Exactly the same! The difference is that q submitted himself to be executed by stoopid over reactionary aliens and Janeway is a stoopid over reactionary alien who mass murdered 10's of thousands of brave patriots protecting frightened women and children from scum like this Federation captain trying to avoid her day in court. Seriously "Fuck the law I'm charming! Submit to my charm or die." This is the same ad hoc crap what she says in Counterpoint to Cashak "I'm not afraid of the prime directive because I can weasel my way out of any enquiry, trial or court-martial because the admiralty loves me. I am above the law! HA! Now, kiss me you sexy beast!" Look it up.

Prime Factors.

Her crew stole propriety technology from a species that should have been able to lob torpedoes at them for the next 50 thousand light years making her brawl with the kazon look like a disagreement with a bouncer at a strip club. Did they give it back and apologise? No. They ran. (Just compare that to Picard in Pegasus.) Sure she was duped by her Vulcan who thought he knew better, and he got a permanent mark in his record... Which hardly explains his promotion not much more than a year later. This was is the episode where she says that the Prime Directive means that they don't give away technology to ANYONE, and even though the sexy alien leader who wants to sniff her feet (not a good thing, he had such a weird seedy vibe.) says that he has exactly the same law which he thinks is just as important, even prime... But fuck him. Take want you want and fuck the consequences.

Back to Q squarred...

Icheb and q weren't allowed to fuck the consequences, they had to face the consequences, which was death... As if the godlings god father would have allowed that if he could have even died in the first place and despite the uniform q was wearing, not her problem... And icheb was riding on q's coattails, so he was probably 50/50.

Kathryn Janeway is not a nice person.
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