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Re: common misconceptions about Voyager

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There is something very off about that list...

I understand VOY fans get annoyed that their show gets a lot of criticism, but a lot of it is not undue. The issue of Janeway breaking the Prime Directive wasn't just that she did it an insane amount of times. As you pointed out, all the captains break it or "bend" it from time to time. The issue was that Janeway was especially egregious about it in really twisted or flippant ways. I don't fully blame it on the Janeway character. A lot of it was the writers being inconsistent. One episode they needed her to be a firm by the book captain and another she had to be the "i don't respond well to bullies! Mr. Paris? Plot a course THROUGH their space!" type captain. It made her look extremely bi-polar.
This is one of the biggest critisims I've heared levelled against VOY. Now if they wanted her to be the book Captain fine, if they wanted her to be more of a loose cannon fine. If they wanted to show a progression from b the book to a more of do what I need to get my crew home fine. But pick one and run with it not fluctutate back and forth.

VOY's premise clearly indicated it should be a more serialised show, yet it was basically TNG 2.0 highly episodic. That isn't to say they never had continuity but they should have had more.

The ship seemed to look like it had just left Utopia PLanitia almost every week. No matter how much damage it had taken the previous week.

It was supposed to be resource poor but they seemed to have an endless supply of shuttles and they managed to manufacture not 1 but 2 Delta Flyers.

It was clearly stated in dialouge they couldn't replace the 38 Photon Torpedeos they had. Yet they fired more than that.

No Explantion given Not even lip service paid in a log entry.

Some characters showed almost zero growth between "Caretaker" and "Endgame"

As for critisims about overuse of time-travel maybe unfounded but perhaps that is down to perception, the previous Trek shows might have done similiar time-travel shows so there was nothing new there.

One nickname I've heard/seen used for VOY is TNG-lite. Which is basically saying that it's trying to emulate TNG but it's not as good.

But a lot comes down to what stories you like, what order you watched the ST shows I was one of the TOS-TNG-DSN-VOY-ENT crowd. Voyager could have been so much more had it dared to try but it didin't it decided to play safe. Yes some of that is know doubt down to network interferrence.
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