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Re: New Book about TOS: These Are The Voyages

I think Gurian’s contention (in going through his Facebook page) is that the original film trims were cut up and sold by Lincoln Enterprises to lots of people. StarTrekHistory just got one frame of the film trim, and he has, like, the very next frame. So of course they’ll look the same! (I don’t think there are actually any clips in this book that weren't simply harvested from StarTrekHistory or from the "birdofthegalaxy" Flickr page without permission or even attribution.)

It’s too bad, too: the clips that StarTrekHistory possesses actually exist in far higher definition than are made available on-line. If anyone had thought to go right to the horse’s mouth instead of through Gurian, the pictures could have been obtained and reproduced in greater resolution.

The pictures at StarTrekHistory employ a floating and moving watermark. By capturing multiple screen grabs at different points during the floating cycle, it was possible to stitch the images together in Frankensteinian fashion to create a single image without the offending watermark.

What a shame. There ought to be a law.

Someone should scan the entire book and post it online.
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