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Re: Oberth Class the missing link between Enterprise and Reliant

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And what is the "roll bar" on the Miranda if not a type of mission pod, since we see it is sometimes missing?
We see it missing on a Miranda Class vessel 78 years later.
Either this is a retcon flaw (the original purpose of the pod wasn't understod) or by the 24th Century they found better ways to relocate the antimatter pods within the ships.

If we insisted on an intermix chamber coil in the center of Reliant it would inevitably work like the Enterprise's, i.e. feeding the impulse deflection crystal for boosted impulse power. The problem: Reliant's impulse deflection crystal had been phasered to bits and pieces prior to the Mutara battle, so an active vertical intermix core is the last thing we should have seen in the film and at this location.

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  1. The Republic type - am unable to confirm, but recall the registry as being given on-screen. It could be almost any class. Bob: NCC-1373
  2. Constitution 1600 - because of TOS-R? If that's the only reason why, I say meh. I could ignore it, especially if we're trying to be true to the original TOS spirit. Would you presuppose this class was outwardly similar but actually different? Wouldn't this actually make this class something different and the 1700s the "real" Constitution class? Bob: No, this is the logical conclusion (and was a "peace" offering) to all those that assume that there is a Constitution Class with starships that closely resemble the Enterprise
  3. Enterprise 1700 - do you subscribe to the Shane Johnson school of Enterprise-class refits? Bob: To paraphrase your avatar's motto: IMO, canon is what Matt Jefferies (pre-production JRS sketch), Bob Justman, Gene Roddenberry and/or Stephen Whitfield established ("Enterprise Class Starship" The Making of Star Trek) in the absence of onscreen information indicating other than "Starship Class" - fanwank is what Greg Jein and Franz Joseph propagated and is widely assumed to be "Constitution Class". Please donate ANY further comments on this issue to the appropriate threads like this one. THANKS!!!
  4. Entente 2100 - I forget the exact line, but it's in the Epsilon IX chatter somewhere, I think in the extended VHS version. (I don't think they ever call it a "dreadnought" as such.) Bob: Will examine!
  5. Constellation 1900 - Agreed that NX-1974 looks dubious, but it was onscreen in TUC on a chart (albeit somewhat hard to see) - can't ignore evidence here but not on TOS-R can ya?
  6. Soyuz 1900 - Does make sense, except the decommissioned so soon bit.
  7. Excelsior 2500 - Repulse didn't have "bumpers." Bob: You're right, I didn't pay proper attention
Was it explicitly stated in some dialog I'm not remembering that the Horizon's saucer landed?
"A Piece of the Action". Kirk assumes (must have been Starfleet First Contact procedure 100 years earlier) that Bela Oxmyx expects to actually see a Federation vessel landing, thus Kirk advises him "The ship will not land" to avoid wrong expectations.

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The four rows of windows on the top of the saucer seem to indicate decks - two rows on the "bridge dome" and two rows on the saucer itself. The bridge dome windows are mostly problematic - they point to two decks within that dome, which is pretty much impossible. At best, the saucer probably has two and a half decks overall, and the horizontal pylon/platform below the saucer (connecting the nacelles) is probably a deck thick. Of course this shot from "Generations" just makes matters worse.
Is there any chance we can have a simulation within the overall length of 395' to feature deck heights of 7' or higher?
I'd really like to see where these portholes could match and where not.

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The old assumption has always been shuttle/cargo bays.
...which open up facing the inside of the warp nacelles
Seems rather impractical doesn't it (until the saucer has detached)?

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Okay now you've lost me. Why would they start at anything but 00?
In terms of serial numbers (JRS) "00" is not a number at all, it is Zero. But as a contact code it could work.

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If you can just land a shuttle or even beam down, why make your ship more complicated with extra seals and joints and other mechana that can fail and leak and cause extra "BOOM" worries? Why also land the main section of your ship at all? What if the natives decide to drop an H-Bomb on you?
Since the Horizon obviously "landed" on Sigma Iotia there must have been a good reason for it. Frankly, I think the producers didn't envision transporter technology 100 years prior to TOS.

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