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Re: Do fans want the prime timeline back?

Timewalker, let me clarify: What I mean by the Doctor Who reference is that those folks manage to do really good storytelling, and a few decent effects where appropriate, on a very tight budget. Certainly not as tight today as it was through the '60s. But that franchise is proof enough for me that a half-century-old backstory can be freshened up for not too much monetary investment, and presented very, very well. Modern Doctor Who blows away anything the Trek franchise has produced in this century.

So you're saying that any author who can't tell a good Star Trek story, also can't tell a good story, period?
No, that's not what I'm saying, and indeed, it would be ridiculous if I did. But I am saying there's no good excuse for a good writer (or these days, writing team) not to tell a good Star Trek story if she puts her mind to it.

Case in point: You have a main character who has become one of the more beloved in the world's popular folklore. And one of the reasons is because he never gives up hope. "There are always possibilities" is one of his taglines. Someone tells a story with that character in which his home planet blows up and his mother, among others, is killed. And in the same story, the man actually sits in and operates a time machine, which supposedly he himself has built in the future. And at no point does he consider, "Hmm, fascinating, suppose I ask my own ship how to engineer a time warp, either back to warn my home planet, or forward to stop the future guy from warping back." Instead, it's decided he'll bottle up his emotions and bury his feelings.

But then later, his boss whom he's only known for a year gets fried in an engine chamber, and he goes all Pon Farr on everyone, does a Shatner impression, and does a fist fight to the death for revenge. If the fellow who does "Star Trek Imponderables" hasn't considered this one, he should. It's easily the largest continuity crap-on since the 22nd century Romulan cloaking device.

Spock is a gold-mine of a character. So much of him has yet to be explored. And now there's a fairly good actor portraying him. So there's no excuse.

This is why folks say they want the Prime Universe back. What they want is the effort to tell as complete and contiguous a story as possible. I'd be happy seeing someone do that officially for the franchise, even as an animation. For heaven's sake, "Star Trek: Final Frontier" tells better stories on black-and-white storyboards than what I'm paying $15 to see in 3D.

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