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Re: Starting Breaking Bad (NO SPOILERS!)

Hey, The Mayor from Buffy showed up! Hopefully he's a recur.

I like these kind of morally ambiguous shows, but it's important for me that the "hero" does horrible things for a noble reason. Like in The Shield or Dexter. I could never enjoy Sopranos because the "heroes" were no better than the "bad guys", they had no morality. So in addition to just making money for his family, I'd love to see Walter work with the DEA to take down other drug lords or something like that.

I found Dexter to be pretty good throughout. The only season I hated was Season Two. The British chick annoyed the hell out of me, I couldn't stand Doakes, and I didn't like Dexter's thing about pretending to be a druggie or whatever. While some years are better than other, I've found everything after S3 to be good. Though S4 was the best with Lithgow.
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