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Starting Breaking Bad (NO SPOILERS!)


After hearing the final batch of episodes was starting, and that all previous episodes were on Netflix, and that I was home alone for a week.... I decided to try and marathon through the series before my DVR fills up!

So far I'm two episodes into the second season. It's a pretty good show, though I wish it had more black humor like Dexter. I like Dexter. I find it a little slow... but it's interesting.

And the gimmick of Malcolm's Dad as a dying drug maker is just too hilarious to pass up

I'm really curious to see where the story goes. Is there going to be a different rival drug lord each season or what? No spoilers please!

I'm in a rare condition where I know absolutely nothing whatsoever about this series, about where it goes, or who lives or dies, so it's nice to be able to marathon through a pre-existing show without knowing anything in advance!

What are your NON-SPOILER thoughts on this show?
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